Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct 5th, My <3's 24th birthday :)

It's 48 hours late. But I wanted to share a very important day, which is my fiance's birthday :)

My plan to get a ride from someone else to sneak a gift before he came to pick me up at work failed :\ so.... I just told him to stay in one section of the store while I look for the gift and stick it back in my purse. hehe. I wish I could have had time and space to make him something, but I know I can do that even if there is no grand occasion, because everyday/time/hour/second spent with him is a cause for a celebration.

We went to AppleBee's for dinner, ate some yummy steak, and just when he thought we were going to leave, AppleBee's employees sang for him, he had no clue!! hehe He had a red red face, and looked sooo adorable, more so than he always is, then I gave him his present, which he loved!!! [Lego Bionicle, something he's been wanting for a while, and a sweet birthday card :)] It was a really great night, I had fun, and I'm really very happy to spend such a great occasion with the love of my life :)


  1. that's so sweet!
    happy birthday to your fiance :D

  2. Hehe my husband loves those bionicle things. Sounds like he had a great b-day and he's lucky to have a girl like you.


  3. I had a wonderful time, my love. Thank you SO much for being you. I couldn't ask for more :) I love you :) <3